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Date Scene Sample Description Length
Aug 13th, 2009 37. Picnic View scene 37 image Cameron amd Lanie are having a nice picnic in
the Yard, but they begin to fight over the last Grape! so a water gun fight
ensues! after blasting each other good they refill their guns and continue
soaking each other! soon they begin to get a bit chilly so decide to climb into
the spa for a warm up! they play in spa and do some hair flips too. cameron is
wearing a black long sleeve top that goes very shiny, white pants and black
socks, Lanie is wearing a red top and white pants and white socks, the pants go
semi transparent on both girls and cling nicely too!!
16:15, 150 MB
Aug 6th, 2009 36. In a Big Hurry! View scene 36 image Steffee is running late for an appointment and
needs a quick shower! she is in such a hurry she forgets to take off her
clothes!! so decides to just wash them and her at same time. after a bit she
decides she is already too late and just enjoys herself in her soaked clinging
clothes, lots of wet hair shots in this clip too. Steffee is wearing a light
grey/blue pattened 1/2 length skirt which is very thin and goes very transparent
and clings nicely, and a ribbed white short sleeve top which also goes quite
15:37, 150 MB
Jul 31st, 2009 35. Pj Party Hair View scene 35 image Ok, the girls are still at their PJ Party, and
decide to wash each others hair in a Kiddie pool!! Steffee gets it first
followed by Cameron\'s turn, her top and robe goes quite clear! and finally
Simone gets it from both the other Girls! lots of great wet and shampoo hair
shots in this clip! This time Cameron is wearing a white tank top with a short
satin jammie top over it and satin Grey pants, Steffee is wearing light blue
matching Jammies with a long light green satin gown robe over it, both the robe
and her jammies goes quite transparent! Simone is wearing Dark green matching
satin jammies with a long dark green satin robe
16:40, 160 MB
Jul 23rd, 2009 34. PJ Party Spa! View scene 34 image Cameron Steffee and Simone are having a Pj
Party and Climb into the spa wearing their jammies and robes and have a Blast!
the Robes come off too and reveil very Clingy and semi see thru PJ\'S, Cameron is
wearing a thin red one piece jammie with a heavy dark blue button up robe over
it! Steffee is wearing a pink one piece Jammie that goes virtually transparent
showing off her underwear well!, and a light pink satin robe over that! Simone
is wearing two piece cotton jammies light blue in color, with a Dark green Satin
robe over!
17:30, 155 MB
Jul 16th, 2009 33. Scrub in Laundry View scene 33 image Steffee has just finished starting the washer
and finds a dirty spot on her Jeans, so she decides to climb into the laundry
tub and clean it by hand! she gets to enjoying the warm water and winds up
soaking her red sweater dress too, lots of nice wet hair shots in this clip
16:27, 150 MB
Jul 9th, 2009 32. 3 Girl Car Wash View scene 32 image the girls decided to wash the car when it was
barely 50 deg f outside! all 3 girls are wearing blue jeans and jackets, they
start to wash the car but wind up soaping up and then soaking each other instead!
these girls are just nuts!!
There were no pics of the car wash scene since I was alone with camcorder,
but afterwards the girls were freezing , so they hopped into the hot tub and shower back at the hotel to warm up and I included those pics
16:21, 150 MB
Jul 2nd, 2009 31. Dinner Party View scene 31 image Steffee and Simone Have returned from a fancy
dinner engagement, steffee decides to soak her sore feet from all the dancing
that night, but finds it so enjoyable she soaks her whole outfit, simone jons
her and they play till Cameron arrives and they douse her too!! dialog is great
between these three friends!, steffee is wearing a violet formal gown, Simone is
wearing a grey mid length dress that turns dark nicely, and Cameron is wearing a
Shiny long sleeve black top with a light purple long skirt, all the girls show
off their slips too!
19:16, 180 MB
Jun 25th, 2009 30. The Plumber View scene 30 image Cameron has made a job change and is now a
plumber! of course cranky Lanie has a clogged tub drain cause she poured grease
into it, cameron tries to fix it but Lanie\'s insistant complaining forces her to
turn theshower on her, this starts a water fight that then turns into fun in the
shower! Cameron wears blue jeans and a red top with a jean shirt over it, Lanie
wears a white long sleeve shirt with a red skirt.
15:21, 150 MB
Jun 19th, 2009 29. House for Sale! View scene 29 image Cameron is trying to sell her first house to
Lanie, but Lanie is being a crank and is demanding that she show her that the
hose works for the Garden, when Cameron finnally gets hose to work she sprays
Lanie full frontal in the face to cool her down! after that Lanie takes hose and
soaks the real estate lady! then they decide since they are getting a bit chilly
to see if the spa works, cameron is wearing a white camisole top with a white
skirt and a tan Jacket, Lanie is wearing a green long sleeve shirt and black
16:13, 150 MB
Jun 11th, 2009 28. Revenge! View scene 28 image Steffee plans her revenge for sarah Waking her
up so ubruptly by tossing a water balloon at her, in middle of Winter!! this
leads to a water balloon fight between them, followed by a visit to the spa
cause now the girls are freezing! they climb into spa but find that their big
winter coats weigh too much soaked so they take them off and play. there is
billowing and hair tossing also, Sarah is wearing a long red down coat over a
white skirt that goes completely transparent showing off her black undies! also
she has on a pink long sleeve top with a white button down sweater over it.
Steffee is wearing a light blue down coat over a blue dress and a white semi
transparent sweater too!!
23:22, 180 MB