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Date Scene Sample Description Length
Mar 11th, 2010 66. Convenient Spa View scene 66 image Stiffy and Zee just got home from work and are exausted, they come into
their room and find the maid has already filled the spa for them, so they decide to get in right then and
there Clothes and ALL! stiffy is wearing a long red pattern dress and zee is wearing a blue top with white jeans!
17:34, 174 MB
Mar 4th, 2010 65. Cant Sleep! View scene 65 image Danni goes into the bathroom to take a bath to try to help her get to sleep,
in the process she wakes up Simone who is still quite still out if it, they take off their robes in the tub
reveiling a nightie type and a white top/bottom set of pj's. dialog on this clip is very funny
17:54, 180 MB
Feb 25th, 2010 64. After the Workout View scene 64 image Stiffy has returned from the gym and needs to relax in the hotel hottub,
she slowly soaks her sweatsuit outfit out side of the spa at first to get accustomed to the hot water
then she slides in and gets back out several times cause the water is just way TOO HOT!
15:39, 150 MB
Feb 18th, 2010 63. Spilled Pop! View scene 63 image Stiffie is drinking her coke when she spills her coke
on herself so she goes over to hot tub and tries to clean it up, after getting herself wetter
but no cleaner she decides to just get in and do the job right.she is wearing a LS white shirt
with black bra under and Black Jeans.
15:47, 160 MB
Feb 11th, 2010 62. Back From Foam Party! View scene 62 image Stiffie Has just gotten home from a foam party, and wants
to wash off the foam from her clothes before it causes stains, so into the tub she goes! wearing a
tourquoise dress with a long white sweater over it.
16:15, 162 MB
Feb 4th, 2010 61. Tub Cleaning View scene 61 image Simone is Cleaning the Tub,from the inside, when stiffie
happens upon her, simone explains that she is washing her clothes at same time and invites
steffie to join her, then they enjoy washing each others clothes too. stiffie is wearing a
white top and a pattern skirt, simone is wearing blue jeans and a green 7-up t-shirt
18:09, 180 MB
Jan 28th, 2010 60. Ironing View scene 60 image Simone is ironing some clothes when stiffy arrives from a party
steffie decides to get in the hot tub and calls over simone to join her,they rock to some music
while getting each other wet, then they peel off their outer tops and wash each others hair.
Stiffie is wearing a light grey sweater over a red top and a Black Skirt, simone is wearing grey
sweat pants and a red LS shirt over a yellow T shirt which goes very transparent when wet!!
18:21, 185 MB
Jan 22nd, 2010 59. Huge Shower View scene 59 image New to this site (courtesy of Interwet 2001)is Ashleigh and Misty,
they find the shower in the hotel room is HUGE, so they decide to check it out, they wind up getting
into a water bottle fight then decide to just take A shower too, they also wash each others hair too.
Misty is wearing a white ls shirt over a biege T, Ashleigh is wearing a LS greem top over a canary
yellow T. both girls are wearing blue jean skirts and they both take off their outer shirts..
16:42, 170 MB
Jan 14th, 2010 58. Back from the Gym View scene 58 image Stiffie and Zee come back to room from the Gym wearing their sweats
stiffy notices that the hot tub is full and reaches over to drain it. zee decides it would be fun too
pour a cup of water down stiffies back, this of course causes a short water fight outside spa,
then they decide to get in since their already wet and find out the water is very Warm, soon they are
peeling off layers trying to cool down some, Stiffie is wearing a bluish sweatpants and jacket over
a dress T and zee is wearing a LS blue shirt over a bluish camisole top with grey sweat pants.
19:09, 190 MB
Jan 8th, 2010 57. Night time Balloon toss View scene 57 image Cameron & Stiffie are relaxing out back on a hot night,
they decide to use up the rest of the water balloons from an earlier party and have fun
attempting to get each other wet! cameron is wearing Black Jeans and a red top, stiffie
is wearing red pants and a striped top.
16:45, 170 MB