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Date Scene Sample Description Length
Oct 14th, 2010 97. She's SO COLD! View scene 97 image Lisa is cold so she decides to get into the hot-tub wearing blue jeans and a yellow sweater over a white dress shirt over a green tank top,
after being in the spa for a bit she gets too hot and opts for a dip in the pool too!
16:53, 170 MB
Oct 7th, 2010 96. Drunk Kim Finds Spa! View scene 96 image Kim is drunk and wanders outside wearing green PJ's with a long red robe over them, when she notices Spa and decides to have a look.
she slowly gets in then decides its too hot for the robe so off it comes, she then finds a white pj top and decides to try it out to see how it looks too!
16:16, 165 MB
Oct 2nd, 2010 95. Cleaning the Pool! View scene 95 image Cameron Decides that the Pool needs to be cleaned, she begans to net the surface slowly, getting wetter as she reaches further
out into pool from ladder, soon she is very wet and just cleans it from the inside wearing Black pin stripe pants and a Purple Fuzzy sweater type top that turns
very dark when wet!
18:02, 179 MB
Sep 25th, 2010 94. Lisa Sprinkler! View scene 94 image Lisa Decides to cool off wearing a light green Silk Dress, she decides to wash her hair too, after getting soaked she gets cold so puts on a Long Casmere sweater.
She begins to get hot again so resoaks herself wearing the dress and sweater, the sweater gets too heavy when wet so she removes it .
16:17, 165 MB
Sep 16th, 2010 93. Keep the Jeans Dry! View scene 93 image Stiffy and Simone need to cool off but are fully clothed, they decide to try and get cool without getting their
pants wet, with poor results, stiffy is wearing tan capri's and a long sleeve light blue top, Simone is wearing blue jeans with a dark blue sweater with hood over a pink shirt.
18:24, 184 MB
Sep 9th, 2010 92. First Time! View scene 92 image Stiffy introduces 2 friends to the joy of Wetlook using the hotel hottub, Stiffy is wearing a dark pattern skirt and a off white dress shirt
Beth is wearing brown pants and a satin green shirt which comes off over a tan t-shirt while carrie wears black sweat pants, and a black sweatshirt which comes off over a striped long sleeve shirt.
18:56, 190 MB
Sep 7th, 2010 91. Checking for Leaks! View scene 91 image Kimberly is checking the kiddie pool for leaks wearing blue jeans and a white long sleeve shirt
Cameron comes in and joins her, Cameron is wearing black tights, white skirt and a black top with a black sweater over it, and white socks,
she removes the sweater along the way.
17:38, 174 MB
Aug 26th, 2010 90. Broken Pipe! View scene 90 image Kimberly is wondering why there is no hot water pressure in tub, she discovers a broken pipe in the basement
and needs to take a shower so does so using the water from the burst pipe, jamie joins her since she also needs a shower too, Kim is wearing a red
shirt and a white skirt with a orange slip, Jamie is wearing a dark green top and white pants
16:43, 170 MB
Aug 19th, 2010 89. Washing the Floor! View scene 89 image Cameron and Kim Decide to Scrub the laundry room floor,
they begin cleaning the floor with a sponge and towel but begin to splash each other accidently (yeah sure)
soon they are whacking each other with their cleaning tools, when it becomes apparent that the floor isnt going
to get any cleaner due to the fact that most of the suds is now going on each other they decide to finish
washing themselves and then their hair. Very Funny dialog in this clip, Cameron is wearing a long sleeve
green satin shirt with blue jeans,white socks and black tennis shoes, Kim is wearing a red satin striped long
sleeve shirt with black slacks and black leather shoes.
17:58, 180 MB
Aug 13th, 2010 88. WAKING UP! View scene 88 image Katt Staggers into the Shower
still half asleep, wearing a thin off white nightgown, she turns
on the water and adjusts the temp before wetting herself down,
she is so tired that she dosn't realize she still has her night clothes on!
Melissa soon stagers in being woke up by the shower wondering why Katt is
still dressed, she soon gets in and katt wets her down slowly too,
both their night gowns go almost toally see-thru (they have on underwear)
which is clearly visable thru their gowns. these models are compliments of Interwet2001, NOTE: even though the girls look Very Young they are both over 20 years old.
16:35, 165 MB