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Date Scene Sample Description Length
Mar 27th, 2009 17. Cameron Formal Event View scene 17 image Cameron comes home from a Bad party night and
decides to make some good use out of her new formal gown by soaking it while its
still on! she slowly wets the skirt part and eventually soaks entire outfit
slowly, then she rolls around in kiddie pool in it and enjoys the feel of the
wet silky material!! the Dress is a grey/green formal.
17:50, 150 MB
Mar 20th, 2009 16. Slip \'N Slide View scene 16 image Cameron and Vicky come home to find the slip
and slide all set up and running, so they decide to play and splash each other
like little kids having a Blast! Cameron is wearing a redish brown shirt with
Blue jeans and Vicky is wearing a gray fuzzy top with a Black fuzzy skirt!
12:48, 130 MB
Mar 12th, 2009 15. Soaked In Red View scene 15 image Cameron Gets wet!! This is Camerons very first
wetlook shoot!! she is sitting in hot sun when all the sudden a water balloon
hits her in the lap, at first surprised she finds it enjoyable and decides to
break many more balloons over herself. Cameron is wearing a Red top, with a
White Skirt which turns semi transparent when wet!
11:06, 130 MB
Mar 5th, 2009 14. No Show View scene 14 image Vicky and Cameron come home to find a nice
rain mist in back yard, they play a bit till Cameron pushes Vicky in, then they
both get soaked and dance and play under water spray throughly enjoying
themselves. Cameron wears a Thin grey dress that clings nicely when wet, Vicky
wears a long sleeve ultra thin black shirt with a full length White Skirt that
goes semi see thru when wet!
12:44, 130 MB
Mar 5th, 2009 13. Wetinbed II View scene 13 image Cameron introduces Vicki to the Fun of her
Shower bed, cameron is wearing white pj\'s with white socks while Vicky is
wearing blue pattern pj\'s with white socks. they get soaked along with the
sheets and pillows and they even whack each other a few times with soaked
pillows, lots of laughs.
14:34, 130 MB
Feb 26th, 2009 12. Bored View scene 12 image Cameron and vicky have just come back from the
gym in their workout clothes, they are tired and decide to take a shower to
clean up and revitalize. both girls are wearing grey sweat pants, cameron is
wearing a white tye dye t-shirt and vicky is wearing a grey ribbed top. they
soap each other up and wash each others hair.
24:14, 250 MB
Feb 19th, 2009 11. Good Morning View scene 11 image Good Morning! Another hilarious clip, Cameron comes out to the spa in the morning to check it out but gets her night dress wet, so decides to get in and enjoy it the way she is!! Vicky comes out shortly and Cameron wants her to join her so splashes her. then Vicky joins her since she is already wet! they play and blow their dresses up using air pump on spa, hilarious and lots of billowing to the max. Cameron is in a Blue night dress while Vicky wears A Red one. 20:14, 210 MB
Feb 13th, 2009 10. Shoot Out View scene 10 image Gunfight in the Driveway! Both girls square off like in the old days, take 3 paces and fire at each other!! Hilarious dialogue. Cameron is wearing A Red Mini Dress and Vicki is wearing a white L.S. top with a full length blue skirt. after Vicki gets wet, her ample Assets are tucked behind a semi sheer Bra but still well displayed. Camerons red dress looks HOT!! all wet. one of the best I ever Shot! 13:40, 130 MB
Feb 13th, 2009 9. All Dressed Up View scene 9 image Cameron and Vicky go Swimming, both girls enjoy the pool and each others company, with cameron wearing a tan half sleeve top with a long Sheer black skirt that clings tightly to her, once its wet. Vicky is wearing a tan sweater type top with a dragging on the ground length black full skirt that shines nicely when wet!!! there is some billowing play too!! 20:00, 150 MB
Feb 13th, 2009 8. WETINBED I View scene 8 image First of its Kind, Cameron is in her night Dress and is too hot to sleep so she pours water all over herself in bed soaking herself and the sheets and pillow too!!! her dress goes semi transparent to reveil a nice surprise!!! 7:57, 100 MB