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Date Scene Sample Description Length
Dec 23rd, 2010 107. Beer is getting Warm! View scene 107 image Stiffy and Simone are sitting next to the pool on a HOT! day. they decide to go in and cool
off their feet but find the water too enjoyable to stop there, they eventually get completely soaked and then just play in the pool and on toys and rafts.
Stiffy is wearing a red/black striped long sleeve top and a black Skirt, while Simone wears light green cargo pants that go see thru and a white office shirt which comes off
over a light blue peasant type top..
17:59, 185 MB
Dec 16th, 2010 106. Surprising Shower! View scene 106 image Night angel goes into her new shower and is admiring the craftmanship when danni sneaks in behind her and turns on the water!
after doing that night angel draggs danni into shower too and they both enjoy the shower, they also wash and condition each others hair. night angel is wearing a Darker multi Colored dress
while Danni wears a light violet summer dress..
15:51, 159 MB
Dec 10th, 2010 105. Relaxing Bath! View scene 105 image Stiffy gets into the Hotel Hot tub to relax
wearing a yellow long sleeve dress shirt under a dark grey sweater and Black slacks with white socks, Alisha comes in wearing a long black skirt ,a green long sleeve top under
a light grey sweater and asks what she is doing, so stiffy invites her to try it,
she sprays water on Alisha to help her decide!, both girls talk and try to write words on each others backs with water, then just play and relax in the hot tub,
soon taking off their sweaters and washing each others hair!
20:23, 210 MB
Dec 2nd, 2010 104. Pool opening! View scene 104 image Cameron and Lanie check out the pool for the first time this summer, they get wet slowly then play on the raft and goof off enjoying the cool
water, Lanie has some unexpected Billowing which is very funny to see, Cameron is wearing a 3/4 length dark Red Skirt that turns Very Dark when it gets wet and a beige long
sleeve dress blouse, while Lanie wears a cream colored skirt with a blue slip under it and a fancy blue satin top.
16:47, 169 MB
Nov 25th, 2010 103. Bath in her Jammies View scene 103 image Kim Decides to Have a Bath wearimg her White Satin Jammies, She Slowly soaks her satin pants which go transparent and cling nicely moving up
to soak the rest of her outfit,then Washes her hair too!
13:24, 140 MB
Nov 18th, 2010 102. Striped Mini Dress View scene 102 image Cameron Decides it would be fun to get wet wearing her new striped Clubbing dress. she gets into the shower and slowly
soaks her dress and knee high stockings, after a bit she removes it showing a violet LS sleve shirt and a short black slip. there are a few surprise glimpes too.
17:06, 170 MB
Nov 11th, 2010 101. Tired Feet! View scene 101 image Kim and stacy both have tired feet so decide to Soak them in the shower.after
wetting their feet it feels so good they just get right in wearing their office outfits. they slowly get soaked and show off their wet slips and wash each others hair too.
Kim is wearing a light blue matching skirt and LS dress top with a dark blue slip while Stacy wears a black sleeveless top with a long beige skirt and black slip
15:46, 160 MB
Nov 4th, 2010 100. Washers Broken! View scene 100 image Kim checks on the wash and finds the maching is dead, she calls down cameron and Stacy to help wring out the sopping clothes.
after doing a few the girls begin to hit each other with the soakd clothes soaking their own outfits, a very funny clip. kim is wearing silk green pj's, cameron
is wearing blue jeans and a white LS shirt over a violet tank top and stacy is wearing Tan Pants with a white LS top over a dark Bra.
16:53, 170 MB
Oct 30th, 2010 99. At The Beach View scene 99 image Cameron is visiting Lake Erie Beach and decides to have fun in the surf wearing her Blue Jeans and off white long sleeve
dress shirt. she plays on a raft and in the shallows.
16:33, 170 MB
Oct 21st, 2010 98. Washing Her Hair! View scene 98 image Kim Is Washing her Hair in the laundry tub, she is careful to wash her hair carefully so as to not get her Nice RED Dress wet,
but alas it dosn't work so after she finishes her hair she washes her dress and slip as well!
16:38, 170 MB