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"4 girls hair wash, Pj's Tub"

Zee gets in tub wearing a long pink satin gown and washes her hair, then Stiffy joins her wearing red satin 2 piece jammies,Heather soon joins in wearing White satin 2 piece jammies soon to be followed by Casey wearing a long one piece heavy white gown while zee leaves to make room.


300mb 18:50
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"Oops! Washing Hair again"

Kim is in the shower trying to wash her hair again but attempting to stay dry, when she fails to stay dry she decides to just enjoy the shower wearing a white long sleeve under a black Vest and a tan skirt with a white slip under it


275mb 17:06
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"Bath Time Stiffy"

Stiffy Decides to take a Bath wearing her office outfit, she cleans up and washes her hair wearing a black patterned skirt with a black slip under it, a long sleve dark grey t-shirt under a black shiny Vest, the vest comes off during clip.


300mb 18:43
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"4 Girls in the Pool"

The Girls arrive at the hotel and discover the indoor pool, they check it out and wind up getting in a splash fight, which leads to them just jumping in and enjoying the pool, stiffy is wearing blue jeans, a bl/white t-shirt with bl jacket, zee is wearing tan pants and long sleeve red top, Heather is wearing a silver satin style top with white jeans and casey wears Blue jeans and a black t-shirt.


200mb 19:23
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"Back From the Party"

Zee and Heather decide to enjoy the bath tub after the party, Zee is wearing a long denum skirt and a long sleeve white dress top under an orange hoody jacket which comes off, Heather wears a little black dress both girls play and wash each others hair.


230mb 14:31
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"Skirt'in in the Tub"

Steffy and casey come back and decide to clean up wearing the clothes they have on, both girls have on long patterned thin skirts stiffy wears a tan long slevve t-shirt with a brown vest over it that comes off, and casey wears a long sleeve Red T-shirt..


180mb 15:33
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"Cleaning the Jacuzzi!"

Stiffy decides the jacuzzi needs a cleaning so into the partially filled tub she goes wearing her cotton pj bottoms, blue t-shirt and white sweater with white socks, Simone soon joins her wearing cotton pj bottoms and a long sleve Light Grey heavy t-shirt amd black socks


170mb 16:53
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"The Mini Pool"

Andi discovers a small pool on a hot day and decides to cool her feet, she enjoys this so begins to get wetter, when Zee discovers her she joins in soaking her long violet skirt as well, they decide since their not wet to wash each others hair, then they return to the pool to relax, Zee is wearing a long violet satin skirt, and a pink fancy top that turns red when wet, Andi is wearing a long tan skirt and a blue zip up shirt over a long sleeve yellow top that turns transparent when wet, she removes the outer shirt during clip.


170mb 16:13
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Cameron is hot outside so decides to play in the sprinkler wearing jeans and a L.S. grey top, then she takes off her shoes and shows you her Wet White Socks. 150mb 10:08
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Cameron and Vicky Decide to wash the Car, but wind up washing each other instead! Cameron is wearing a red shirt with a full length black skirt with black nylons on under, Vicky is wearing a flower patterned top with a light blue skirt on, both girls have a Blast! 150mb 12:09
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Cameron decides to get in the spa for a nice relaxing soak, she is wearing a striped blue top with flared sleves and White pants with white socks. she slowly gets wet then soaks her hair several times for the wet hair lovers, she also has on a white camisole under her top which she shows you peeks of! 150mb 12:36
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Cameron gets into the pool this time wearing a full length evening dress, black with flower pattern on bottom, she gets in and out and climbs on raft to show you her clinging shiny dress and just plays! 150mb 14:25
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Cameron and Vicky have an all out water balloon fight after Cameron surprises Vicky with first Balloon, both girls wearing white fancy blouses, Cameron is wearing a full length black skirt and Vicky has on a mid length black patterned skirt, both skirts go shiny as they are soaked and cling too, the tops go semi transparent reveiling their under garments! 150mb 13:19
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Cameron's First Shower! Cameron decides to take a Shower wearing her cute pink top and purple/red Jammie bottoms, she starts out slowly at bottom and finishes up washing her hair! 150mb 12:19
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Cameron and Vicky decide to get in the Spa Together for some wet fun,both girls are wearing white long sleeve shirts that go semi transparent when wet,Cameron is also wearing tan pants that turn dark and cling to her, Vicky is wearing Blue jeans that also turn dark nicely!! 170mb 18:35
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First of its Kind, Cameron is in her night Dress and is too hot to sleep so she pours water all over herself in bed soaking herself and the sheets and pillow too!!! her dress goes semi transparent to reveil a nice surprise!!! 100mb 7:55
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"All Dressed Up"


Cameron and Vicky go Swimming, both girls enjoy the pool and each others company, with cameron wearing a tan half sleeve top with a long Sheer black skirt that clings tightly to her, once its wet. Vicky is wearing a tan sweater type top with a dragging on the ground length black full skirt that shines nicely when wet!!! there is some billowing play too!! 150mb 20:00
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"Shoot Out"

Gunfight in the Driveway! Both girls square off like in the old days, take 3 paces and fire at each other!! Hilarious dialogue. Cameron is wearing A Red Mini Dress and Vicki is wearing a white L.S. top with a full length blue skirt. after Vicki gets wet, her ample Assets are tucked behind a semi sheer Bra but still well displayed. Camerons red dress looks HOT!! all wet. one of the best I ever Shot! 130mb 13:40
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"Good Morning"

Good Morning! Another hilarious clip, Cameron comes out to the spa in the morning to check it out but gets her night dress wet, so decides to get in and enjoy it the way she is!! Vicky comes out shortly and Cameron wants her to join her so splashes her. then Vicky joins her since she is already wet! they play and blow their dresses up using air pump on spa, hilarious and lots of billowing to the max. Cameron is in a Blue night dress while Vicky wears A Red one. 150mb 20:14
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Cameron and vicky have just come back from the gym in their workout clothes, they are tired and decide to take a shower to clean up and revitalize. both girls are wearing grey sweat pants, cameron is wearing a white tye dye t-shirt and vicky is wearing a grey ribbed top. they soap each other up and wash each others hair. 150mb 24:14
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"Wetinbed II"

Cameron introduces Vicki to the Fun of her Shower bed, cameron is wearing white pj's with white socks while Vicky is wearing blue pattern pj's with white socks. they get soaked along with the sheets and pillows and they even whack each other a few times with soaked pillows, lots of laughs. 130mb 14:34
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"No Show" 

Vicky and Cameron come home to find a nice rain mist in back yard, they play a bit till Cameron pushes Vicky in, then they both get soaked and dance and play under water spray throughly enjoying themselves. Cameron wears a Thin grey dress that clings nicely when wet, Vicky wears a long sleeve ultra thin black shirt with a full length White Skirt that goes semi see thru when wet! 130mb 12:44
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"Soaked In Red"

Cameron Gets wet!! This is Camerons very first wetlook shoot!! she is sitting in hot sun when all the sudden a water balloon hits her in the lap, at first surprised she finds it enjoyable and decides to break many more balloons over herself. Cameron is wearing a Red top, with a White Skirt which turns semi transparent when wet! 130mb 11:06
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"Slip 'N Slide"

Cameron and Vicky come home to find the slip and slide all set up and running, so they decide to play and splash each other like little kids having a Blast! Cameron is wearing a redish brown shirt with Blue jeans and Vicky is wearing a gray fuzzy top with a Black fuzzy skirt! 130mb 12:48
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"Cameron Formal Event"

Cameron comes home from a Bad party night and decides to make some good use out of her new formal gown by soaking it while its still on! she slowly wets the skirt part and eventually soaks entire outfit slowly, then she rolls around in kiddie pool in it and enjoys the feel of the wet silky material!! the Dress is a grey/green formal. 150mb 17:50
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"Wet Pillow Fight"

Cameron has her friend Steffee (of Liquid ladies fame). over the house when steffee decides to take a nap in Cameron's bed and notices the shower above the bed so decides to try it, Cameron catches her and shows her how it works, later they get into a soaked pillow match where they bash each other lots of times!! finally they wear themselves out and goto sleep in their nice wet bed! Steffee is wearing a purple sweater top with purple silk pj bottoms and white socks, Cameron is wearing a light blue tank top and dark blue pj bottoms with little moons on them with light blue socks. 150mb 17:50
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"Winter Spa Fun"


Cameron and Steffee decide to get into the nice warm spa on a cold day wearing their nice clothes and play, lots of billowing and wet hair in this scene. Cameron is wearing black short sleeve top with a full length white skirt, Steffee is wearing a dark red sweater type top and a 2 layer long purple skirt that billows nicely! 150mb 17:50
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"Fancy Dress Hair Wash"

Cameron and Steffee are just home from work and decide to wash each others hair (and each other!) in the shower. Cameron is wearing a green patterned skirt that turns very dark when wet, and black shirt with a mathing green jacket over it. Steffee is weaing a white blouse and a black patterned full skirt with flowers on it. 180mb 24:28
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"Cameron Locked Out!"

Cameron gets locked out of the house in the middle of winter! so she decides to get into Spa wearing her winter coat and all to stay Warm. as she is in spa she gets hot so peels of several layers of clothes, reveiling the next layer below. she is wearing blue jeans with boots, a pink winter coat and under it a black t-shirt covered by a long sleeve pink shirt covered by a light blue angora sweater! you can actually see it snow, it was 25 degrees F when this was shot! 160mb 19:04
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"Kiddie Pool!"

Steffee has come home from work and is visiting Cameron and finds the kiddie pool all set up in basement, she climbs in and starts to enjoy herself when cameron comes home and joins her! steffee is wearing a fancy white blouse and orange skirt, cameron is wearing a red reveiling camisole top and red skirt with a black sweater that comes off during shoot! lots of fun dialog too. 150mb 17:50
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"Laundry Time"

Cameron is doing laundry when steffee comes down to visit, steffe notices that cameron mixes her colors and points out that its wrong, this ensues in a wet laundry fight that turns into a complete washdown of both girls!! again dialog is hilarious as they argue. Cameron is wearing black slacks and a light blue top, steffee is wearing blue jeans and a dark blue top. both outfits go very shiny and clingy and look Great! 150mb 16:58
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"Fashion Show pt.1"

Steffee and newcomer Sarah put on a wet fashion show with 5 outfits being worn each girl alternating in shower, this scene includes 2 pairs of white pants and one pair of black pants also 2 skirt/top combinations with the girls showing off their slips under their skirts! Note: their hair stay dry in this Clip, it gets wet in part 2 at the end. 160mb 17:22
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"Fashion Show Pt.2"

Part 2 fashion show, this time the girls again show off 5 outfits but thier all dresses and skirt sets. 3 dresses and 2 skirt sets with contrasting slips, also the girls wet down thier hair for the wet hair lovers!! 170mb 19:41
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"Rub A Dub, Two Women in a Tub!"

This scene stars steffee and Simone who had a LONG day at the park and decided they needed washing up, so in the tub they go clothes and all! there is also some slip showing,and lots of wet hair and shampooing in this scene too. Steffee wears a white dress that goes semi transprent when wet and Simone is wearing a light blue summer dress that turns dark nicely when wet!


190mb 23:01
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"Wake UP"!!

Sarah is trying to wake Steffee up but She wont wake up! Sarah drops small amounts of water on her but still no luck, so She breaks out the big guns and brings a water balloon and pops it on Steffee waking her up ubruptly! Steffee retaliates by pouring water from bucket on Sarah and the fun begins! Sarah is wearing a white long sleeve T-shirt with red jammie bottoms, Steffee is wearing a grey long sleeve t-shirt with green jammie bottoms. 140mb 13:50
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Steffee plans her revenge for sarah Waking her up so ubruptly by tossing a water balloon at her, in middle of Winter!! this leads to a water balloon fight between them, followed by a visit to the spa cause now the girls are freezing! they climb into spa but find that their big winter coats weigh too much soaked so they take them off and play. there is billowing and hair tossing also, Sarah is wearing a long red down coat over a white skirt that goes completely transparent showing off her black undies! also she has on a pink long sleeve top with a white button down sweater over it. Steffee is wearing a light blue down coat over a blue dress and a white semi transparent sweater too!! 180mb 23:22
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"House For Sale!"

Cameron is trying to sell her first house to Lanie, but Lanie is being a crank and is demanding that she show her that the hose works for the Garden, when Cameron finnally gets hose to work she sprays Lanie full frontal in the face to cool her down! after that Lanie takes hose and soaks the real estate lady! then they decide since they are getting a bit chilly to see if the spa works, cameron is wearing a white camisole top with a white skirt and a tan Jacket, Lanie is wearing a green long sleeve shirt and black slacks. 150mb 16:13
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"The Plumber"

Cameron has made a job change and is now a plumber! of course cranky Lanie has a clogged tub drain cause she poured grease into it, cameron tries to fix it but Lanie insistant complaining forces her to turn shower on on her, this starts water fight that then turns into fun in the shower! Cameron wears blue jeans and a red top with a jean shirt over it, Lanie wears a white long sleeve shirt with a red skirt. 150mb 15:21
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"Dinner Party"

Steffee and Simone Have returned from a fancy dinner engagement, steffee decides to soak her sore feet from all the dancing that night, but finds it so enjoyable she soaks her whole outfit, simone jons her and they play till Cameron arrives and they douse her too!! dialog is great between these three friends!, steffee is wearing a violet formal gown, Simone is wearing a grey mid length dress that turns dark nicely, and Cameron is wearing a Shiny long sleeve black top with a light purple long skirt, all the girls show off their slips too! 180mb 19:16
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"3 Girl Car Wash"

the girls decided to wash the car when it was barely 50 deg f outside! all 3 girls are wearing blue jeans and jackets, they start t wash the car but wind up soaping up and then soaking each other instead! these girls are just nuts!! 150mb 16:21
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"Scrub in Laundry Tub"

Steffee has just finished starting the washer and finds a dirty spot on her Jeans, so she decides to climb into the laundry tub and clean it by hand! she gets to enjoying the warm water and winds up soaking her red sweater dress too, lots of nice wet hair shots in this clip also! 150mb 16:27
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"PJ Party Spa!"

Cameron Steffee and Simone are having a Pj Party and Climb into the spa wearing their jammies and robes and have a Blast! the Robes come off too and reveil very Clingy and semi see thru PJ'S, Cameron is wearing a thin red one piece jammie with a heavy dark blue button up robe over it! Steffee is wearing a pink one piece Jammie that goes virtually transparent showing off her underwear well!, and a light pink satin robe over that! Simone is wearing two piece cotton jammies light blue in color, with a Dark green Satin robe over! 155mb 17:30
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"Pj Party Hair Wash!"

Ok, the girls are still at their PJ Party, and decide to wash each others hair in a Kiddie pool!! Steffee gets it first followed by Cameron's turn, her top and robe goes quite clear! and finally Simone gets it from both the other Girls! lots of great wet and shampoo hair shots in this clip! This time Cameron is wearing a white tank top with a short satin jammie top over it and satin Grey pants, Steffee is wearing light blue matching Jammies with a long light green satin gown robe over it, both the robe and her jammies goes quite transparent! Simone is wearing Dark green matching satin jammies with a long dark green satin robe 160mb 16:40
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"In a Big Hurry!"

Steffee is running late for an appointment and needs a quick shower! she is in such a hurry she forgets to take off her clothes!! so decides to just wash them and her at same time. after a bit she decides she is already too late and just enjoys herself in her soaked clinging clothes, lots of wet hair shots in this clip too. Steffee is wearing a light grey/blue pattened 1/2 length skirt which is very thin and goes very transparent and clings nicely, and a ribbed white short sleeve top which also goes quite clear!! 150mb 15:37
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Cameron amd Lanie are having a nice picnic in the Yard, but they begin to fight over the last Grape! so a water gun fight ensues! after blasting each other good they refill their guns and continue soaking each other! soon they begin to get a bit chilly so decide to climb into the spa for a warm up! they play in spa and do some hair flips too. cameron is wearing a black long sleeve top that goes very shiny, white pants and black socks, Lanie is wearing a red top and white pants and white socks, the pants go semi transparent on both girls and cling nicely too!! 150mb 16:15
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"Slow Wetting"

Steffee is in the hotel room and decides to get wet slowly Just For You. she steps around and slowly soaks her Blue Jean pant legs from the bottom up, then she soaks her long sleeve top and pours lots of water over her hair , nice hair cascading shots here! then she takes off her blue shirt to reveil a long sleeve transparent pink top under it!! 160mb 16:44
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Stiffy, her sister Crytal and Cameron are playing volleyball when the ball goes in the pool. Stiffie goes to retrieve it but cant reach it, She decides to jump in to get ball then coaxes the other two into pool with her, They decide to play water voleyball for a bit then decide on other fun games. Cameron is wearing a light transparent long skirt and black sleeveless top, Stiffie is wearing a blue LS top and a fuzzy mid length skirt and crystal is wearing black slacks and a light top, check out Crystal's long hair! 200mb 22.49
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Sarah and Stiffie are sleeping on the waterbed when stiffie is suddenly awakened by a wet spot near her knees, she wakes Sarah up and they decide to play in the water since the bed is already leaking anyhow!, they slowly soak each other, also they smack each other around with wet pillows too. Sarah is wearing dark green satin jammies and stiffie is wearing silver/grey satin bottoms and a light green satin jammie top. 180mb 20:06
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"Raking Leaves!"

Stiffy is in the yard raking up leaves wearing a long patturned summer skirt and a pal green sweater, she dosnt notice the kiddie pool set up behind her and takes a tumble backwards into pool. after that she decides that the raking can wait and just plays in pool showing off her very clingy skirt and skin tight sweater. 150mb 15:32
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Cameron has Stiffie over after not seeing her all summer, so they decide to christen the pool for first time this summer (wearing their clothes of course!) they both jump in together and proceed to dunk each other and just fool around and have a good time, playing in and out of the pool. Cameron is wearing a light blue LS t-shirt and blue Jeans, Stiffie is wearing a white LS shirt and a Brown mid length Skirt.


170mb 17:36
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"Stiffy's Solo Car Wash!"

Today Stiffy decides that her Car needs to be Washed. so she starts off washing the car and gets some suds on her, she likes the feel of it so does more, soon she is slathering herself with all different things at wash, she finds that the wheel rince is purple and chaanges her white LS top into a purple top , her short pink Skirt also changes slightly. she cant get the wand to reach her back so she gets a fellow car washing patron to assist her in making sure she is completely rinsed off!!


150mb 14:43
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Cameron Walks into bedroom with spa and notices that the water is still in tub, she bends over to let the water out and Stiffy sneaks up behind her and using a ketchup bottle full of water wets her back down, of course Cameron retaliates and attacks Stiffie with another ketsup bottle of her own. they decide to get into tub so they dont mess up bedroom floor, then they call in Simone and attack her too. All 3 girls then proceed to have fun in the tub with hilarious dialog between them. AN unexpected surprise occurs when Camerons blouse is not washable and literally begins to come apart on her, this was completely unplanned and very funny too. Cameron is wearing a very thin light colored blouse and a long silver/white skirt Stiffie is wearing a Dark green LS blouse and a beige over knee length skirt, Simone is wearing a Red LS Blouse and a long black Skirt 190mb 20:34
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"Unexpected Spa!"

Stiffy Comes home from work and find the Maid has Alteady Filled the spa for her, she decides to just get right in and enjoy the nice hot water. lots of wet hair shots and white socks show off, Stiffy is wearing beige Pants and a light blue LS shirt, that goes semi transparent showing off her black designer bra.


165mb 16:52
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"Back from Tanning"

Stiffy has just returned from the tanning salon and needs to wash off the tanning oil, she notices she has no more laundry soap either so decides to just wash herself and clothes at the same Time! lots of wet hair shots in this scene and the sweat pants turn semi transparent and clingy too. Stiffy is wearing a White dress T and light Blue sweat pants. 170mb 17:35
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"Cleaning the Spa"

Steffee decides that the spa needs scrubbing, so off she goes cleaning the sides and top! but how long can she stay Dry!, steffie is wearing white slacks with a white long sleeve t-shirt and white tennis shoes 170mb 17:30
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"Hot Tub Fun"

Awna and Destiny are at a hotel and Awna decides to get into the hot tub, she enjoys it so calls destiny over to join her, then they splash and play in hot tub for awhile,then they wash each others hair and condition it too. Awna is wearing a thin pink top and blue jeans and Destiny is wearing white jeans and a red bandana with a light tan long sleeve shirt over it which comes off pretty early in scene. 210mb 20.55
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"Hand Car Wash"

Stiffie is washing the car (and herself a bit) when Cameron comes home, cameron decides to help wash the car but theres no extra sponge! Cameron decides on a better method of cleaning car and both girls try it. lots of great dialog between these two friends, a fun video, Stiffie is wearing grey dress slacks and a light grey long sleeve shirt. Cameron is wearing a full length blue skirt and a black long sleve dress shirt 190mb 19:06
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"Unexpected Shower!"

Stiffie is in the laundry room turning on the water in the wash basin when suddenly she is drenched from a high pressure shower coming from behind her on ceiling! she calls Cameron downstairs and asks her to explain while dragging her under shower too! they decide they enjoy it and wassh their hair and clothes while they are already getting wet. another funny clip, great dialog! stiffie is wearing a L.S. blue dress shirt and a long patterned skirt, Cameron is wearing a med length blue skirt and a light blu L.S. t-shirt over a white tank top. 165mb 16:32
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&quotCold Morning!"

Stiffy Wakes up at hotel and is freezing, she decides to take a nice warm shower to warm up but its to cold to get undressed first. so she decides to just take a shower with her night dress on! (the scene starts after she already gets in shower,due to technical problems with beginning of tape). stiffie is wearing a full length heavy gray night dress that changes dark nicely and clings too!


180mb 18:19
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"House is FREEZING!"

Cameron and Stiffie are waiting inside a freezing cold house because their furnace went out, they decide to get into the spa to get warmed up while waiting for the furnace guy to show up. while in spa they get hot so take off their coats then they take off their outer shirts too. and play in spa until the guy shows up, then they put their coats back on and get out. Stiffie is wearing a yellow ls shirt under and ls blue shirt under a brown leather suede coat,and a cotton mid length polka dot skirt. Cameron is wearing a white turtleneck shirt under a brown ls shirt under a Black down filled winter coat.


200mb 20:02
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"Stiffy Trips!"

Stiffy is Waiting for her friends to show up so they can all get in hot tub, she wanders over to check on it and trips over a garbage can, partially falling into spa, she decides since she is already a little wet she may as well go in as she is. while in spa she washes her hair too, LOTS of wet Hair shots in this one. she is wearing a white dress that goes semi transparent and very shiny when wet! 160mb 15:58
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"Kitchen Fun"

Stiffy is in Kitchen at night making noise, Cameron wakes up to see what's up and finds that stiffy has made them a new toy to get wet with, a very precise nozzle for pop bottles, they take turns writing words on each other with water, and then wind up drenching each other, right there in the kitchen! Cameraon is wearing bright red jammie tops and bottoms and Stiffy is wearing tan slacks and a beige shirt.


175mb 17:48
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"Kiddie Pool"

Stiffy Fills up Kiddie Pool for Tanya, Tanya arrives wearing a beutiful red pattern dress, and gets right in, Siffy soon joins her and wash each others hair too! Stiffy is wearing a biege sweater and blue jeans


220mb 22:12
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"Couch Spit Fight!"

Stiffie And Cameron are chatting on the couch when Cameron decides to spit water at stiffy, thru her straw, this causes a retaliation from stiffy and they begin to slowly soak each other, lots of great dialog between these two!! stiffy is wearing a brown top and blue jeans and cameron is wearing red pants and a white dress shirt.


170mb 17:10
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"Night time Balloon toss"

Cameron & Stiffie are relaxing out back on a hot night, they decide to use up the rest of the water balloons from an earlier party and have fun attempting to get each other wet! cameron is wearing Black Jeans and a red top, stiffie is wearing red pants and a striped top.


170mb 16:45
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"Back from the Gym"

Stiffie and Zee come back to room from the Gym wearing their sweats stiffy notices that the hot tub is full and reaches over to drain it. zee decides it would be fun too pour a cup of water down stiffies back, this of course causes a short water fight outside spa, then they decide to get in since their already wet and find out the water is very Warm, soon they are peeling off layers trying to cool down some, Stiffie is wearing a bluish sweatpants and jacket over a dress T and zee is wearing a LS blue shirt over a bluish camisole top with grey sweat pants.


190mb 19:09
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"Huge Shower"

New to this site (courtesy of Interwet 2001)is Ashleigh and Misty, they find the shower in the hotel room is HUGE, so they decide to check it out, they wind up getting into a water bottle fight then decide to just take shower too, they also wash each others hair too. Misty is wearing a white ls shirt over a biege T, Ashleigh is wearing a LS greem top over a canary yellow T. both girls are wearing blue jean skirts and they both take off their outer shirts..


170mb 16:42
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Simone is ironing some clothes when stiffy arrives from a party steffie decides to get in the hot tub and calls over simone to join her,they rock to some music while getting each other wet, then they peel off their outer tops and wash each others hair. Stiffie is wearing a light grey sweater over a red top and a Black Skirt, simone is wearing grey sweat pants and a red LS shirt over a yellow T shirt which goes very transparent when wet!!


185mb 18:21
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"Tub Cleaning"

Simone is Cleaning the Tub,from the inside, when stiffie happens upon her, simone explains that she is washing her clothes at same time and invites steffie to join her, then they enjoy washing each others clothes too. stiffie is wearing a white top and a pattern skirt, simone is wearing blue jeans and a green 7-up t-shirt


180mb 18:09
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"Back From Foam Party!"

Stiffie Has just gotten home from a foam party, and wants to wash off the foam from her clothes before it causes stains, so into the tub she goes! wearing a tourquoise dress with a long white sweater over it.


162mb 16:15
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"Spilled Pop!"

Stiffie is drinking her coke when she spills her coke on herself so she goes over to hot tub and tries to clean it up, after getting herself wetter but no cleaner she decides to just get in and do the job right.she is wearing a LS white shirt with black bra under and Black Jeans.


160mb 15:47
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"After the Workout"

Stiffy has returned from the gym and needs to relax in the hotel hottub, she slowly soaks her sweatsuit outfit out side of the spa at first to get accustomed to the hot water then she slides in and gets back out several times cause the water is just way TOO HOT!,


150mb 15:39
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"Cant Sleep!"

Dannielle goes into the bathroom to take a bath to try to help her get to sleep, in the process she wakes up Simone who is still quite still out if it, they take off their robes in the tub reveiling a nightie type and a white top/bottom set of pj's. dialog on this clip is very funny


180mb 17:54
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"Convenient Spa"

Stiffy and Zee just got home from work and are exausted, they come into their room and find the maid has already filled the spa for them, so they decide to get in right then and there Clothes and ALL! stiffy is wearig a long red pattern dress and zee is wearing a blue top with white jeans!


175mb 17:34
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"Dishmess Stiffy"

Stiffy is in the Kitchen trying to quickly do up some last minute dishes in her red party dress and black sweater, when wouldnt you know it she gets splashed by a glass and then has to try to remove the stain! of course this leads to her getting wetter by the minute, soon she decides to just wash the whole outfit and her Hair! right there in the Kitchen! she talks to you the entire time she is there.


185mb 18:11
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"Sober Her up!"

Starr is dragging Misty who is very drunk into the shower to help sober her up, this scene is hilarious as both girls are excellent actresses and you will believe that Misty really is drunk! these girls are compliments of the interwet2001 site. Both girls outer shirts come off during the shoot showing whats underneath! Misty wears a long tan skirt and pink long sleeve dress top, while Starr wears a long red skirt with a white dress shirt.


190mb 19:13
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"Spilled her Beer!"

Simone is staggering around drunk, and accidently spills her beer on herself she goes into the shower to wash it off before it stains her White top, but being drunk winds up getting more water on herself then decides what the hell take a shower and get all clean. Dannielle walks in asks her what she is doing and winds up getting wet too! the 2 girls have a blast, lots of great dialog between these two, Simome is wearing green cargo pants and a blue jacket over a white top, Simone is wearing black slacks and a thin pattern top with a fuzzy black top over that, simones jacket and dannielle's black fuzzy top come off in clip.


170mb 17:02
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"Summer Car Wash"

Stiffy and simone decide its time to wash the car, so they goto a coin operated car wash, and begin to wash car normally, of course the cool mist feels good on this hot day so the girls get a little wet, as time progresses they wind up getting very wet, and having a good time just spraying each other down and foaming each other up, both girls are wearing white dress tops with matching multi colored tops under them, simone is also wearing white pants which along with top go very see-thru, Stiffee is wearing a black long skirt with blue slip under (visible).


165mb 16:20
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"watergun fight at the pool"

Stiffie, Simone and Dannielle are checking out the pool area of a hotel and discover water guns left there, Simone picks one up and proceeds to begin attacking the other 2 girls with hers, they pick up their guns and its an all out WAR! soon they are very wet so decide to just get into the hot tub, just the way they are and enjoy the pool, Stiffy is wearing a full length light blue dress, while Simone is more casual in green sweats and a blue top and Dannielle is wearing a tan mid length skirt with a violrt LS top on. which turns black when wet!


165mb 16:20
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"Yeahuno's white pants Video"

this is a special that guest wetlook fan Yeahuno had made, starring Simone and stiffy he is a big white pants fan and this video reflects that as simone wears white see thru(after wet) sweat pants and Stiffy wears white Jeans. both girls get slowly wet going up and down the pool steps several times til they are soaked completely showing off those wet transparent pants! after some time both girls remove their outer tops to reveil a black halter top and a striped halter top. great clip for the white pants lovers out there.


185mb 18:32
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"Watering the Grass"

Cameron gets home from work and decides to water the grass, however its a Hot Day so she wets her feet, that feels good so she continues to get wet till she is totally soaked wearing a long green dress.,


165mb 16:02
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"COLD Morning!"

Cameron Wakes up in her peach colored sleep gown and is freezing, she puts on her white long cotton gown over that, then decides to hop in the Shower to warm up a bit more.


155mb 15:26
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"After Party Pool Fun!"

Cameron, Kimberly, Lexxi and Lisa have returned from a company party and decide to cool off in the pool, all the girls get in slowly then decide to play some volleyball and "under water Limbo" lots of nice wet hair shots and plenty of different outfits in this clip.


210mb 20:10
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"Checking the Pool"

Cameron is at the pool checking to make sure the chlorine is right, while there she decides to get in for a bit. her sweater is too heavy after getting wet so she takes it off reveiling a Bright Red shirt under it, she begins to get cold so moves to the spa to warm up where she also reomves the red shirt reveiling a pink tank top.


170mb 16:52
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"HOT Day After Work!"

Cameron has returned from work on a Hot Day so decides to cool off a bit in the Pool wearing a long Blue patten skirt that floats nicely and a white dress top on.


165mb 16:46
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"Nice Day For A Swim!"

Cameron decides to get wet wearing a Dark Violet long summer dress, she slowly gets wet and enjoys the nice cool water, great shine on this outfit!!


170mb 17:00
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"Time TO Cool Off!"

Cameron Has been stuck in the house on a hot day with the air conditioner Broken, she goes outside and grabs a Hose and begin to "mist" herself, after a bit she needs better cooling and proceeds to soak her White top and Blue jeans and enjoy herself staying Cool! Little something for the wet socks fans here too!


160mb 16:03
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80A "After the formal party cool down"

Lisa Has just returned from a formal party, still wearing her fancy grey/silver full length skirt and fancy white dress top, she is hot so Decides to cool off in the the pool just the way she is! she finds out it is not so easy swimming with a full corsetted skirt on! also some great wet long hair shots in this clip.


180mb 17:53
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81A "Exercise! in the kiddie pool?"

Cameron and Steffie are working out when they get too hot so decide to finish their workout in the kiddie pool, Cameron is wearing red sweatpants with a yellow long sleeve tight fitting shirt over a white bra, white socks and tennis shoes,Steffie is wearing a pink/red collared t-shirt and black sweat pants with white socks and black tennis shoes ,


195mb 19:26
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82A "What to wear?"

Stiffy has been invited to a pool Party and does not know which outfit she should wear to get wet in- so she decides to try 4 different outfits in the shower to see how they will look all wet! she starts out in a jeans outfit and then tries on 2 mid length skirt outfits and one long skirt outfit, All 3 skirt outfits she is wearing a different colored slip which she shows off and even wets down her hair at the end! this clip has it all , pants, skirts, slips wet hair and 4 different outfits in one clip. Note:over 22 minutes long this clip costs a little more ($9.99)due to time and expense model had to go thru with 4 changes to deal with.


220mb 22:21
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83A "Showing her the place"

Cameron and Kim are showing new girl Stacy the house and they show her the Spa, then they decide to "initiate her into their little world of wetlook by getting into the spa and showing her how enjoyable it is getting Wet fully clothed, they slowly get wet and enjoy the hot water and then rinse each others hair too. Stacy is wearing white pants with a tan shirt under a beige sweater, kim is wearing a white dress under a black sweater with a 1/2 red slip and cameron is wearing a tan skirt with a dressy white top and off white slip


175mb 17:40
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84A "before bed Hottub"

Stiffy needs to relax before going to bed so she decides to do so in the hot tub wearing her Jammies and robe and white socks, she gets in and soaks her red heavy winter robe then shows off her wet hair, removing the robe she shows you her pink long sleeve shirt over her black t-shirt and jammie style pink pants, she also removes her pink shirt and does a lot of hair and wet socks showing off.


170mb 16:55
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Stiffy and Simone are having a nice walk in the grass when they find a unexpected surprise, a tiny leak in a hose laying on the grass. the fine mist feels good to the girls so they stay and enjoy getting slowly soaked, playing around before simone finds the end of the hose and REALLY soaks them down hilarious dialog between these two friends, simone is wearing a pink shirt and a long off white skirt that goes transparent after wet, stiffy is wearing a blue T with a white dress shirt over it and a blue patern knee length skirt.


165mb 16:17
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"4 Girl Sleep-Over Hot Tub!"

Cameron and Kim are out back relaxing on the bench at a 4 girl sleep-over, they notice the spa and decide to try it wearing their PJ's,after they are in for a bit the other 2 girls Lexi and Lisa Find them and enquire about why their in the hot tub in their Jammies, the girls coax the new girls into joining them and they all have a blast playing in the hot tub together,they also wet each others Hair down too, including lisa's very long hair! Cameron is wearing a pink nighty with a silk red robe over it, Kim is wearing white cotton jammies top and bottoms, Lexi is wearing a satin green nighty and Lisa wears a white tank top with pink cotton jammie pants.


200mb 19:47
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"Fun at Hotel Pool!"

Stiffy and Simone are at the Hotel pool, they check out the hot tub and simone splashes stiffy, this starts a small water war, they then decide to get in and enjoy the hot tub, the water is too hot so they move to the pool where they continue to get out and jump in showing off their clingy outfits. Simone is wearing a white cotton dress that goes very transparent when wet and keeps sticking to her, Stiffie is wearing green sweat pants and a green camisole with a Grey long sleeve sweatshirt over it that comes off during the shoot and White Socks.


190mb 18:45
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Katt Staggers into the Shower still half asleep, wearing a thin off white nightgown, she turns on the water and adjusts the temp before wetting herself down, she is so tired that she dosn't realize she still has her night clothes on! Melissa soon stagers in being woke up by the shower wondering why Katt is still dressed, she soon gets in and katt wets her down slowly too, both their night gowns go almost toally see-thru (they have on underwear) which is clearly visable thru their gowns. these models are compliments of Interwet2001,

NOTE: even though the girls look Very Young they are both over 20 years old.


165mb 16:35
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"Washing the Floor!"

Cameron and Kim Decide to Scrub the laundry room floor, they begin cleaning the floor with a sponge and towel but begin to splash each other accidently (yeah sure) soon they are whacking each other with their cleaning tools, when it becomes apparent that the floor isnt going to get any cleaner due to the fact that most of the suds is now going on each other they decide to finish washing themselves and then their hair. Very Funny dialog in this clip, Cameron is wearing a long sleeve green satin shirt with blue jeans,white socks and black tennis shoes, Kim is wearing a red satin striped long sleeve shirt with black slacks and black leather shoes.


180mb 17:58
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"Broken Pipe!"

Kimberly is wondering why there is no hot water pressure in tub, she discovers a broken pipe in the basement and needs to take a shower so does so using the water from the burst pipe, jamie joins her since she also needs a shower too, Kim is wearing a red shirt and a white skirt with a orange slip, Jamie is wearing a dark green top and white pants


170mb 16:43
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"Checking for Leaks!"

Kimberly is checking the kiddie pool for leaks wearing blue jeans and a white long sleeve shirt Cameron comes in and joins her, Cameron is wearing black tights, white skirt and a black top with a black sweater over it, and white socks, she removes the sweater along the way.


174mb 17:38
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"First Time!"

Stiffy introduces 2 friends to the joy of Wetlook using the hotel hottub, stiffy is wearing a dark pattern skirt and a off white dress shirt Beth is wearing brown pants and a satin green shirt which comes off over a tan t-shirt while carrie wears black sweat pants, and a black sweatshirt which comes off over a striped long sleeve shirt.


190mb 18:56
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"Keep the Jeans Dry!"

Stiffy and Simone need to cool off but are fully clothed, they decide to try and get cool without getting their pants wet, with poor results, stiffy is wearing tan capri's and a long sleeve light blue top, Simone is wearing blue jeans with a dark blue sweater with hood over a pink shirt.


184mb 18:24
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"Lisa Sprinkler!"

Lisa Decides to cool off wearing a light green Silk Dress, she decides to wash her hair too, after getting soaked she gets cold so puts on a Long Casmere sweater. She begins to get hot again so resoaks herself wearing the dress and sweater, the sweater gets too heavy when wet so she removes it .


165mb 16:17
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"Cleaning the Pool!"

Cameron Decides that the Pool needs to be cleaned, she begans to net the surface slowly, getting wetter as she reaches further out into pool from ladder, soon she is very wet and just cleans it from the inside wearing Black pin stripe pants and a Purple Fuzzy sweater type top that turns very dark when wet!


180mb 18:02
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"Drunk Kim Finds Spa!"

Kim is drunk and wanders outside wearing green PJ's with a long red robe over them, when she notices Spa and decides to have a look. she slowly gets in then decides its too hot for the robe so off it comes, she then finds a white pj top and decides to try it out to see how it looks too!


165mb 16:16
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"She's SO COLD!"

Lisa is cold so she decides to get into the hot-tub wearing blue jeans and a yellow sweater over a white dress shirt over a green tank top, after being in the spa for a bit she gets too hot and opts for a dip in the pool too!


170mb 16:53
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"Washing Her Hair!"

Kim Is Washing her Hair in the laundry tub, she is careful to wash her hair carefully so as to not get her Nice RED Dress wet, but alas it dosn't work so after she finishes her hair she washes her dress and slip as well!.


170mb 16:38
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"At The Beach!"

Cameron is visiting Lake Erie Beach and decides to have fun in the surf wearing her Blue Jeans and off white long sleeve dress shirt. she plays on a raft and in the shallows.


170mb 16:33
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"Washers Broken!"

Kim checks on the wash and finds the maching is dead, she calls down cameron and Stacy to help wring out the sopping clothes. after doing a few the girls begin to hit each other with the soakd clothes soaking their own outfits, a very funny clip. kim is wearing silk green pj's, cameron is wearing blue jeans and a white LS shirt over a violet tank top and stacy is wearing Tan Pants with a white LS top over a dark Bra.


170mb 16:53 Download This Clip

"Tired Feet!"

Kim and stacy both have tired feet so decide to Soak them in the shower.after wetting their feet it feels so good they just get right in wearing their office outfits. they slowly get soaked and show off their wet slips and wash each others hair too. Kim is wearing a light blue matching skirt and LS dress top with a dark blue slip while Stacy wears a black sleeveless top with a long beige skirt and black slip


160mb 15:46
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"Striped Mini Dress!"

Cameron Decides it would be fun to get wet wearing her new striped Clubbing dress. she gets into the shower and slowly soaks her dress and knee high stockings, after a bit she removes it showing a violet LS sleve shirt and a short black slip. there are a few surprise glimpes too.


170mb 17:06
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"Bath in her Jammies"

Kim Decides to Have a Bath wearimg her White Satin Jammies, She Slowly soaks her satin pants which go transparent and cling nicely moving up to soak the rest of her outfit,then Washes her hair too!


140mb 13:24
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"Pool opening!"

Cameron and Lanie check out the pool for the first time this summer, they get wet slowly then play on the raft and goof off enjoying the cool water, Lanie has some unexpected Billowing which is very funny to see, Cameron is wearing a 3/4 length dark Red Skirt that turns Very Dark when it gets wet and a beige long sleeve dress blouse, while Lanie wears a cream colored skirt with a blue slip under it and a fancy blue satin top.


170mb 16:47
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"Relaxing Bath!"

Stiffy gets into the Hotel Hot tub to relax wearing a yellow long sleeve dress shirt under a dark grey sweater and Black slacks with white socks, Alisha comes in wearing a long black skirt ,a green long sleeve top under a light grey sweater and asks what she is doing, so stiffy invites her to try it, she sprays water on Alisha to help her decide!, both girls talk and try to write words on each others backs with water, then just play and relax in the hot tub, soon taking off their sweaters and washing each others hair!


210mb 20:23
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"Surprising Shower!"

Night angel goes into her new shower and is admiring the craftmanship when danni sneaks in behind her and turns on the water! after doing that night angel draggs danni into shower too and they both enjoy the shower, they also wash and condition each others hair. night angel is wearing a Darker multi Colored dress while Danni wears a light violet summer dress..


160mb 15:51
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"Beer is getting Warm!"

Stiffy and Simone are sitting next to the pool on a HOT! day. they decide to go in and cool off their feet but find the water too enjoyable to stop there, they eventually get completely soaked and then just play in the pool and on toys and rafts. Stiffy is wearing a red/black striped long sleeve top and a black Skirt, while Simone wears light green cargo pants that go see thru and a white office shirt which comes off over a light blue peasant type top..


180mb 17:59
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"the Spa!"

Kim Goes out and notices the spa is on, she decides to check it out and winds up getting in, Kim is wearing a dressy white blouse and light brown tanned leather Skirt that turns very dark when wet, Cameron then comes out and decides to join her in the spa where they slowly immerse and dip their hair in to show off how shiny and smooth it gets when they come out of the water, Cameron is wearing white jogging pants and a pink tank top, which is under a heavy off white sweater- which comes off, showing you exactly which color her bra and panties are.


160mb 15:47
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"Too Cold for Spa!"

Kim and Jamie wanted to go outside and get in the Spa but it was toooo cold!, instead they opted to have some wet fun in the indoor Kiddie pool, they both get into the pool and slowly wet themselves down, then they wash up and wash their hair too! Kim is wearing a blue long sleeve blouse and a Pink skirt with a blue slip under it (also a white slip which came attached to the pink skirt) Jamie is wearing a red short sleve blouse and a Tan Skirt with a red Slip under it, both girls show you their slips


200mb 19:35
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"Shower in Skirts!"

Zee is running a bath for herself, while bent over checking water temp, Stiffy sneaks up and turns on the shower on her, getting her Red top wet,zee splashes stiffy from tub water starting a mini water fight. then they decide to just get in the way they are since their already wet, while in the tub they wash their clothes and hair too! Zee is wearing a red textured top and purple fuzzy Skirt, while Stiffy wears a longer cotton patern skirt a white work shirt with a tan sweater over that.


240mb 23:35
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"First Swim this Summer"

Cameron and Lanie Tryout the hot tub and pool for the first time this summer cameron is wearing a longer med dark blue dress that goes black when wet and lanie is wearing a tan sweater over a light blue tank top and a white/blue skirt W-flower patern on it


190mb 18:20
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"Locked Out AGAIN!"

Kim and JAmie Are Locked out of the House AGAIN, Luckily the spa is on and they are able to keep warm by climbing in wearing exactly what they came home in, Kim is wearing white pants and a striped ls shirt under a yellow sweater under a blue down Jacket while Jamie wears tan pants a dark green shirt under a white dress shirt under a cloth brown Jacket. the girls take off their coats and kin removes her Sweater too when they get too hot.


180mb 16:58
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"Pushed her in!"

Cameron is Netting out the pool when lanie comes up behind her and pushes her in! she splashes lanie and then they both just enjoy the pool and have fun playing in the pool. cameron is wearing Black slacks with a long sleeve red dress top on while lanie wears a blue skirt and a black vest under a yellow sweater which comes off.


200mb 18:36
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"Tired Feet!"

Night angel has had a long day and wants to relax her feet in the hottub, she does so but gets so relaxed that she decides to just get completely in clothes and all, danni comes in later and decides to join her, night angel is wearing short sleeve red top with a fuzzy black skirt while Danni wears a light green pattern skirt and a brown office shirt.


200mb 19:01
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"Surprise Kiddy Pool!"

Starr, Bubbles and Kat Come into their hotel room and find a filled kiddie pool there, they decide to check it out and wind up getting into a splash fight having a blast playing- dialog is hilarious in this clip, Starr is wearing blue jeans and a light Green top while Bubbles wears tan pants and a pink tank over a tan tank over a black tank tops (Man-talk about layering!) and Kat wears tan pants with a mutl colored striped top. (all 3 girls coutesy of Interwet USA)


230mb 22:28
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"the Garden!"

Cameron is in the yard trying to lay out a garden when Kim comes home and argues that she has no clue how to garden this starts a fight and someone grabs the hose, from then on out its a free for all water fight. hilarious dialog between these two friends. cameron is wearing a Long navy blue skirt(icluding full length white slip under it) and a fancy dress blouse, while kim is casual in grey sweat pants and a violet tank top under a long sleeve strped cotton shirt.


180mb 17:11
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"Unexpected Water Fight!"

Stiffy and Simone are waiting for their ride to a party when they get into this unexpected water fight using water from a horse trough, again hilarious dialog on this one and I had trouble keeping the camera steady it was so funny with these 2 who adlibbed the entire scene. stiffy is wearing a black pin striped skirt and a grey dress t-shirt while simone wears faded blue jeans and a multi colored angled top under a pink long sleeve dress shirt that turns Red when Wet.


170mb 16:31
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