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Date Scene Sample Description Length
Dec 31st, 2009 56. Couch Spit Fight! View scene 56 image Stiffie And Cameron are chatting on the couch when Cameron decides
to spit water at stiffy thru her straw, this causes a retaliation from stiffy and they begin to
slowly soak each other, lots of great dialog between these two!! stiffy is wearing a brown top and blue
jeans and cameron is wearing red pants and a white dress shirt. I actually had to stop filming a few times cause I was laughing so hard with these two.
17:10, 170 MB
Dec 24th, 2009 55. Kiddie Pool View scene 55 image Stiffy Fills up Kiddie Pool
for Tanya, Tanya arrives wearing a beutiful red pattern dress, and gets right in, the thin dress clings to her nicely.
Siffy soon joins her and they wash each others hair too! Stiffy is wearing a biege sweater, blue jeans and white socks. lots of pics in this update too.
22:12, 220 MB
Dec 19th, 2009 54. Kitchen Fun View scene 54 image Stiffy is in Kitchen at night making noise,
Cameron wakes up to see what\'s up and finds that stiffy has made them a new toy
to get wet with, a very precise nozzle for pop bottles, they take turns writing
words on each other with water, and then wind up drenching each other, right
there in the kitchen! Cameraon is wearing bright red jammie tops and bottoms and
Stiffy is wearing tan slacks and a beige shirt.
17:48, 174 MB
Dec 10th, 2009 53. Stiffy Trips! View scene 53 image Stiffy is Waiting for her friends to show up
so they can all get in hot tub, she wanders over to check on it and trips over a
garbage can, partially falling into spa, she decides since she is already a
little wet she may as well go in as she is. while in spa she washes her hair
too, LOTS of wet Hair shots in this one. she is wearing a white dress that goes
semi transparent and very shiny when wet!
15:58, 159 MB
Dec 4th, 2009 84. Before bed Hottub View scene 84 image Stiffy needs to relax before going to bed so she
decides to do so in the hot tub wearing her Jammies and robe and white socks, she gets
in and soaks her red heavy winter robe then shows off her wet hair, removing the robe she shows
you her pink long sleeve shirt over her black t-shirt and jammie style pink pants,
she also removes her pink shirt and does a lot of hair and wet socks showing off.
16:55, 170 MB
Nov 25th, 2009 52. House is Freezing! View scene 52 image Cameron and Stiffie are waiting inside a
freezing cold house because their furnace went out, they decide to get into the
spa to get warmed up while waiting for the furnace guy to show up. while in spa
they get hot so take off their coats then they take off their outer shirts too.
and play in spa until the guy shows up, then they put their coats back on and
get out. Stiffie is wearing a yellow ls shirt under and ls blue shirt under a
brown leather suede coat,and a cotton mid length polka dot skirt. Cameron is
wearing a white turtleneck shirt under a brown ls shirt under a Black down
filled winter coat and Blue Jeans.
20:02, 200 MB
Nov 19th, 2009 51. Cold Morning! View scene 51 image Stiffy Wakes up at hotel and is freezing, she
decides to take a nice warm shower to warm up but its to cold to get undressed
first. so she decides to just take a shower with her night dress on! (the scene
starts after she already gets in shower,due to technical problems with beginning
of tape). stiffie is wearing a full length heavy gray night dress that changes
dark nicely and clings too!
18:19, 180 MB
Nov 12th, 2009 50. Unexpected Shower View scene 50 image Stiffie is in the laundry room turning on the
water in the wash basin when suddenly she is drenched from a high pressure
shower coming from behind her on ceiling! she calls Cameron downstairs and asks
her to explain while dragging her under shower too! they decide they enjoy it
and wash their hair and clothes while they are already getting wet. another
funny clip, great dialog! stiffie is wearing a L.S. blue dress shirt and a long
patterned skirt, Cameron is wearing a med length blue skirt and a light blu L.S.
t-shirt over a white tank top.
16:32, 165 MB
Nov 6th, 2009 49. Hand Car Wash View scene 49 image Stiffie is washing the car (and herself a bit)
when Cameron comes home, cameron decides to help wash the car but theres no
extra sponge! Cameron decides on a better method of cleaning car and both girls
try it. lots of great dialog between these two friends, a fun video, Stiffie is
wearing grey dress slacks and a light grey long sleeve shirt. Cameron is wearing
a full length blue skirt and a black long sleve dress shirt
19:06, 190 MB
Oct 29th, 2009 48. Hot Tub Fun View scene 48 image Awna and Destiny are at a hotel and Awna
decides to get into the hot tub, she enjoys it so calls destiny over to join
her, then they splash and play in hot tub for awhile,then they wash each others
hair and condition it too. Awna is wearing a thin pink top and blue jeans and
Destiny is wearing white jeans and a red bandana with a light tan long sleeve
shirt over it which comes off pretty early in scene.
20:55, 210 MB