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Date Scene Sample Description Length
May 15th, 2010 76. Checking the Pool View scene 76 image Cameron is at the pool checking to make sure the chlorine is right, while there
she decides to get in for a bit. her sweater is too heavy after getting wet so she takes it off reveiling a Bright Red
shirt under it, she begins to get cold so moves to the spa to warm up where she also reomves the red shirt reveiling
a pink tank top.
16:52, 170 MB
May 14th, 2010 75. After Party Pool Fun! View scene 75 image Cameron, Kimberly, Lexxi and Lisa have returned from a company party and decide
to cool off in the pool, all the girls get in slowly then decide to play some volleyball and "under water Limbo"
lots of nice wet hair shots and plenty of different outfits in this clip.
20:10, 210 MB
May 6th, 2010 74. COLD Morning! View scene 74 image Cameron Wakes up in her peach colored sleep gown and is freezing, she puts on
her white long cotton gown over that, then decides to hop in the Shower to warm up a bit more.
15:26, 155 MB
Apr 29th, 2010 73. Watering the Grass View scene 73 image Cameron gets home from work and decides to water the grass, however its a Hot
Day so she wets her feet, that feels good so she continues to get wet till she is totally soaked wearing a long
green dress.
16:02, 165 MB
Apr 22nd, 2010 72. Yeahuno's white pants Video View scene 72 image this is a special that guest wetlook fan Yeahuno had made, starring
Simone and stiffy he is a big white pants fan and this video reflects that as simone wears white see
thru(after wet) sweat pants and Stiffy wears white Jeans. both girls get slowly wet going up and down
the pool steps several times til they are soaked completely showing off those wet transparent pants!
after some time both girls remove their outer tops to reveil a black halter top and a striped halter top.
great clip for the white pants lovers out there.
0:18, 185 MB
Apr 15th, 2010 71. watergun fight at the pool View scene 71 image Stiffie, Simone and Dannielle are checking out the pool area of a
hotel and discover water guns left there, Simone picks one up and proceeds to begin attacking the
other 2 girls with hers, they pick up their guns and its an all out WAR! soon they are very wet so
decide to just get into the hot tub, just the way they are and enjoy the pool, Stiffy is wearing
a full length light blue dress, while Simone is more casual in green sweats and a blue top and Dannielle
is wearing a tan mid length skirt with a violrt LS top on. which turns black when wet!
16:20, 165 MB
Apr 8th, 2010 70. Summer Car Wash View scene 70 image Stiffy and simone decide its time to wash the car, so they goto
a coin operated car wash, and begin to wash car normally, of course the cool mist feels good on this
hot day so the girls get a little wet, as time progresses they wind up getting very wet, and having
a good time just spraying each other down and foaming each other up, both girls are wearing white
dress tops with matching multi colored tops under them, simone is also wearing white pants which
along with top go very see-thru, Stiffee is wearing a black long skirt with blue slip under (visible).
16:20, 164 MB
Apr 1st, 2010 69. Spilled her Beer! View scene 69 image Simone is staggering around drunk, and accidently spills her beer on herself
she goes into the shower to wash it off before it stains her White top, but being drunk winds up getting
more water on herself, then decides what the hell take a shower and get all clean. Dannielle walks in
asks her what she is doing and winds up getting wet too! the 2 girls have a blast, lots of great dialog between
these two, Simome is wearing green cargo pants and a blue jacket over a white top, Simone is wearing black
slacks and a thin pattern top with a fuzzy black top over that, simones jacket and dannielle's black fuzzy top come off
in clip.
17:02, 170 MB
Mar 25th, 2010 68. Sober Her up! View scene 68 image Starr is dragging Misty who is very drunk
into the shower to help sober her up, this scene is hilarious as both girls are
excellent actresses and you will believe that Misty really is drunk! these girls are compliments
of the interwet2001 site. Both girls outer shirts come off during the shoot showing whats underneath!
Misty wears a long tan skirt and pink long sleeve dress top, while
Starr wears a long red skirt with a white dress shirt.
19:13, 190 MB
Mar 19th, 2010 67. Dishmess Stiffy View scene 67 image Stiffy is in the Kitchen trying to quickly do up some last minute
dishes in her red party dress and black sweater, when wouldnt you know it she gets splashed by a glass
and then has to try to remove the stain! of course this leads to her getting wetter by the minute,
soon she decides to just wash the whole outfit and her Hair! right there in the Kitchen! she talks to
you the entire time she is there.
18:11, 185 MB