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Date Scene Sample Description Length
Oct 22nd, 2009 47. Cleaning the Spa View scene 47 image Steffee decides that the spa needs scrubbing,
so off she goes cleaning the sides and top! but how long can she stay Dry!,
steffie is wearing white slacks with a white long sleeve t-shirt and white
tennis shoes
17:07, 170 MB
Oct 16th, 2009 46. Back from Tanning View scene 46 image Stiffy has just returned from the tanning
salon and needs to wash off the tanning oil, she notices she has no more laundry
soap either so decides to just wash herself and clothes at the same Time! lots
of wet hair shots in this scene and the sweat pants turn semi transparent and
clingy too. Stiffy is wearing a White dress T and light Blue sweat pants
17:35, 170 MB
Oct 8th, 2009 45. Unexpected Spa View scene 45 image Stiffy Comes home from work and find the Maid
has Alteady Filled the spa for her, she decides to just get right in and enjoy
the nice hot water. lots of wet hair shots and white socks show off, Stiffy is
wearing beige Pants and a light blue LS shirt, that goes semi transparent
showing off her black designer bra.
16:52, 165 MB
Oct 2nd, 2009 44. Surprise!! View scene 44 image Cameron Walks into bedroom with spa and
notices that the water is still in tub, she bends over to let the water out and
Stiffy sneaks up behind her and using a ketchup bottle full of water wets her
back down, of course Cameron retaliates and attacks Stiffie with another ketsup
bottle of her own. they decide to get into tub so they dont mess up bedroom
floor, then they call in Simone and attack her too. All 3 girls then proceed to
have fun in the tub with hilarious dialog between them. AN unexpected surprise
occurs when Camerons blouse is not washable and literally begins to come apart
on her, this was completely unplanned and very funny too. Cameron is wearing a
very thin light colored blouse and a long silver/white skirt Stiffie is wearing
a Dark green LS blouse and a beige over knee length skirt, Simone is wearing a
Red LS Blouse and a long black Skirt
20:34, 190 MB
Sep 24th, 2009 43. Stiffy\'s Solo Car View scene 43 image Today Stiffy decides that her Car needs to be
Washed. so she starts off washing the car and gets some suds on her, she likes
the feel of it so does more, soon she is slathering herself with all different
things at wash, she finds that the wheel rince is purple and chaanges her white
LS top into a purple top , her short pink Skirt also changes slightly. she cant
get the wand to reach her back so she gets a fellow car washing patron to assist
her in making sure she is completely rinsed off!!
14:43, 150 MB
Sep 11th, 2009 42. GOOD FRIENDS View scene 42 image Cameron has Stiffie over after not seeing her
all summer, so they decide to christen the pool for first time this summer
(wearing their clothes of course!) they both jump in together and proceed to
dunk each other and just fool around and have a good time, playing in and out of
the pool. Cameron is wearing a light blue LS t-shirt and blue Jeans, Stiffie is
wearing a white LS shirt and a Brown mid length Skirt.
17:36, 170 MB
Sep 10th, 2009 41. Raking Leaves! View scene 41 image Stiffy is in the yard raking up leaves wearing
a long paturn summer skirt and a pal green sweater, she dosn\'t notice the
kiddie pool set up behind her and takes a tumble backwards into pool. after that
she decides that the raking can wait and just plays in pool showing off her very
clingy skirt and skin tight sweater.
15:32, 150 MB
Sep 3rd, 2009 40. LEAK! View scene 40 image Sarah and Stiffie are sleeping on the waterbed
when stiffie is suddenly awakened by a wet spot near her knees, she wakes Sarah
up and they decide to play in the water since the bed is already leaking
anyhow!, they slowly soak each other, also they smack each other around with wet
pillows too. Sarah is wearing dark green satin jammies and stiffie is wearing
silver/grey satin bottoms and a light green satin jammie top.
20:06, 180 MB
Aug 27th, 2009 39. VolleyBall View scene 39 image One of my Most requested Clips!

Stiffy, her sister Lisa and Cameron are
playing volleyball when the ball goes in the pool. Stiffie goes to retrieve it
but cant reach it, She decides to jump in to get ball then coaxes the other two
into pool with her, They decide to play water voleyball for a bit then decide on
other fun games. Cameron is wearing a light transparent long skirt and black
sleeveless top, Stiffie is wearing a blue LS top and a fuzzy mid length skirt
and Lisa is wearing black slacks and a light top, check out Lisa\'s long
0:22, 189 MB
Aug 20th, 2009 38. Slow Wetting View scene 38 image Steffee is in the hotel room and decides to
get wet slowly Just For You. she steps around and slowly soaks her Blue Jean
pant legs from the bottom up, then she soaks her long sleeve top and pours lots
of water over her hair , nice hair cascading shots here! then she takes off her
blue shirt to reveil a long sleeve transparent pink top under it!
16:44, 160 MB