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Date Scene Sample Description Length
Aug 6th, 2010 87. Fun at Hotel Pool! View scene 87 image Stiffy and Simone are at the Hotel pool,
they check out the hot tub and simone splashes stiffy, this starts a small water war,
they then decide to get in and enjoy the hot tub, the water is too hot so they move
to the pool where they continue to get out and jump in showing off their clingy outfits.
Simone is wearing a white cotton dress that goes very transparent when wet and keeps
sticking to her, Stiffie is wearing green sweat pants and a green camisole with a Grey
long sleeve sweatshirt over it that comes off during the shoot and White Socks.
18:45, 190 MB
Jul 29th, 2010 86. 4 Girl Sleep-Over Hot Tub! View scene 86 image Cameron and Kim are out back relaxing on the bench at a 4 girl sleep-over,
they notice the spa and decide to try it wearing their PJ's,after they are in for a bit the other 2 girls
Lexi and Lisa Find them and enquire about why their in the hot tub in their Jammies, the girls coax the
new girls into joining them and they all have a blast playing in the hot tub together,they also wet each
others Hair down too, including lisa's very long hair! Cameron is wearing a
pink nighty with a silk red robe over it, Kim is wearing white cotton jammies top and bottoms, Lexi is
wearing a satin green nighty and Lisa wears a white tank top with pink cotton jammie pants.
19:47, 200 MB
Jul 15th, 2010 85. HOSE LEAK! View scene 85 image Stiffy and Simone are having a nice walk in the grass when they find
a unexpected surprise, a tiny leak in a hose laying on the grass. the fine mist feels good to the girls
so they stay and enjoy getting slowly soaked, playing around before simone finds the end of the hose and
REALLY soaks them down hilarious dialog between these two friends, simone is wearing a pink shirt and
a long off white skirt that goes transparent after wet, stiffy is wearing a blue T with a white dress
shirt over it and a blue patern knee length skirt.
16:17, 165 MB
Jul 8th, 2010 83. Showing her the place View scene 83 image Cameron and Kim are showing new girl Stacy the house and they show her
the Spa, then they decide to "initiate her into their little world of wetlook by getting into the spa and showing
her how enjoyable it is getting Wet fully clothed, they slowly get wet and enjoy the hot water and then rinse
each others hair too. Stacy is wearing white pants with a tan shirt under a beige sweater, kim is wearing a white
dress under a black sweater with a 1/2 red slip and cameron is wearing a tan skirt with a dressy white top and off
white slip
17:40, 175 MB
Jul 1st, 2010 82. What to wear? View scene 82 image Stiffy has been invited to a pool Party and does not know which outfit she should
wear to get wet in- so she decides to try 4 different outfits in the shower to see how they will look all wet!
she starts out in a jeans outfit and then tries on 2 mid length skirt outfits and one long skirt outfit, All 3 skirt
outfits she is wearing a different colored slip which she shows off and even wets down her hair at the end!
this clip has it all , pants, skirts, slips wet hair and 4 different outfits in one clip.
0:22, 220 MB
Jun 24th, 2010 81. Exercise! in the kiddie pool? View scene 81 image Cameron and Steffie are working out when they get too hot so decide to finish their
workout in the kiddie pool, Cameron is wearing red sweatpants with a yellow long sleeve tight fitting shirt over a
white bra, white socks and tennis shoes,Steffie is wearing a pink/red collared t-shirt and black sweat pants with
white socks and black tennis shoes
19:26, 195 MB
Jun 16th, 2010 80. After the formal party cool down View scene 80 image Lisa Has just returned from a formal party, still
wearing her fancy grey/silver full length skirt and fancy white dress top, she is
hot so Decides to cool off in the the pool just the way she is! she finds out it
is not so easy swimming with a full corsetted skirt on! also some great wet long hair
shots in this clip.
17:53, 180 MB
Jun 11th, 2010 79. Time To Cool Off! View scene 79 image Cameron Has been stuck in the house on a hot day with the air conditioner Broken,
she goes outside and grabs a Hose and begin to "mist" herself, after a bit she needs better cooling and proceeds to
soak her White top and Blue jeans and enjoy herself staying Cool! Little something for the wet socks fans here too!
16:03, 160 MB
Jun 3rd, 2010 78. Nice Day For A Swim! View scene 78 image Cameron decides to get wet wearing a Dark Violet long summer dress,
she slowly gets wet and enjoys the nice cool water, great shine on this outfit!!
17:00, 169 MB
May 15th, 2010 77. HOT Day After Work! View scene 77 image Cameron has returned from work on a Hot Day so decides to cool off a bit in the Pool
wearing a long Blue patten skirt that floats nicely and a white dress top on.
16:46, 165 MB